Women's Well Therapeutic Massage, Misty Carreiro LMT

Who I am as your practitioner

Misty L. Carreiro, LMT
The Lauterstein-Conway School of Massage and Clinic

It is my hope that you will find a place of peace and generous spirit at my studio.  I make no secret  that I am grounded in my Catholic faith. For that reason, I will not do any kind of energy work, and do not use any crystals in my practice.  I will not pray over you or do anything that oversteps professional boundaries.  I know that we all come from different walks of life and what may be comfortable for me, may not be comfortable for  you.  I do not discriminate against other faiths, sexual preference, or matters of personal choice. All are welcome at the Women's Well.  I do however ask that we keep the practice here for the ladies only.  Sorry guys, I'm a lone wolf in the industry but this is for the girls.  What you will find in my studio is a comfortable, sacred space.  You will be surrounded by art depictions of women from the bible.  I like to think of it as being surrounded by holy women.  I have a fully appointed bathroom and shower in case you need to go to work or out after your scheduled time.  I will not rush you out the door.  I feel that your recovery time after a massage is just as important as the massage itself.


Why "The Women's Well"
The name, “The Women's Well” made itself know to me at the same time I decided to fulfill my aspiration of become a massage therapist.  It was the name that first came to me as describing the place and practice that I yearned to have.  Around ten years ago I began a study of the women in the Old and New Testament of the Bible and found that their stories had great relevance in my own life.  These women, from the youngest to the oldest, wealthy and poor, servant slave and royalty have all gone through similar things that I do in my own life.  Stories of friendship and faithfulness, love and joy, abandonment and adoption, great fertility and the despair of infertility.  Stories that ache with forbidden love and stories that open the flood gates of our hearts in compassion.  From Eve to the Blessed Virgin, we are these women, and these women whisper to us from holy scripture and transcend time to call us sister.