Women's Well Therapeutic Massage, Misty Carreiro LMT



Welcome to The Women's Well.  I am glad that you found your way to my page. 

The Women's Well is a Massage Therapy practice for discerning women of faith.  I cater to women specifically as a massage therapist because I identify with the power and refreshing nature of women in community with one another as a sisterhood in Christ, and in the gift of human touch. How does my faith play a part in my practice?  I feel that the Bible gives us  perfect examples of service to one another.  In scripture so many times we see the body being anointed and cared for by those that followed Jesus, and in an act of love,  Jesus washing the feet of his closest friends.  I believe that healing touch is a gift to be shared and  I have found joy in doing that through the art of Massage Therapy.  The human body is an awesome creation and one that deserves to be treated kindly.  From the top of your head to the tips of your toes, God created you to be a perfect creation and worthy of love.  As women we give of ourselves in a way that no other can.  We are daughters and mothers and wives and crazy aunties.  We kiss the hurts and tame the lions of nightmares and sometimes, well...we forget that we need to care for ourselves.  Our once full well begins to run dry and we become less loving to ourselves.  I hope to offer an opportunity for you to place the cares of your day in the basket by the door, forget your troubles and just be.  Jesus promises to quench our thirst with a life-giving, eternal water.  Next to a well he makes a promise sufficient to fill us for the rest of our lives, but we have to slow down for long enough to be able to recognize Him there at the well.  Else we pass by, and do not hear and do not see that Jesus is beckoning to us to just take time with Him.  Slow down, stop, take a while to relax and be filled again.  Come and sit for a while at The Women's Well.

I offer an intuitive, relaxing massage that combines the graceful flow of Swedish massage with Deep Tissue massage. My approach to massage is never to hurt, only heal and Deep Tissue will be administered with a very caring touch.  Aromatherapy oils may be added to your session if you so choose to enhance your massage, but otherwise I am a fragrance-free facility.  I use hypoallergenic oils and lotions for massage.  Sessions range from 30 minutes to an hour and a half depending on your needs. Should you need to go from your session to work or other activities, a shower and private bathroom are available for your use.